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Today’s Thai property market, especially condominium projects, is experiencing an unprecedented boom which is based on economic growth and infrastructure development in major cities. 

Thanks to the simultaneous creation of several Metro lines in the city, demand for Bangkok condominium units grew from just over 200,000 units in 2013 to more than 300,000 units by 2016, and is today at a new record height. 

Condominium unit sales ratio is 70-75%, and most of this demand comes from foreigner, as seen from statistic data of foreign purchases of condominium units. Data shows a massive 700% increase in the period 2012 – 2017, and this is causing a lot of competition amongst developers. More and more condominiums are being planned in every area of Bangkok, and most projects are committed to the important factor of quality.

As said above, competition is high, and that is why developers start eyeing joint ventures with other real estate companies, especially those from overseas, when planning a new project. In the year 2017 alone, there were 52 projects in Bangkok resulting from joint investments between real estate companies, a major increase if compared to only 4 joint venture projects in 2013. In these joint ventures, the majority of shares is held by a Thai company, while the rest belongs to foreign companies, most of them being from Japan, China and Singapore. 

If you want to enter the real estate market in Bangkok, this is indeed a great moment. Browse for a panoramic view of new developments being offered, and contact for more information on prices and payment options, and for a viewing. 


Thomas has a university background in the UK and in Latin America, with studies in Languages and Humanities, Culture, Literature and Economy. He started his Asian experience as a publisher in Krabi in 2005. Thomas has been editing local newspapers and magazines in England, Spain and Thailand for more then ten years. He is currently working on several media projects in Thailand and abroad. He is also a property developer with active projects in Thailand and Bali, Indonesia. Apart from Thailand, Thomas has lived in Italy, England, Venezuela, Cuba, Spain, Bali. During the years Thomas has developed a great understanding of the cultures and the people in the country. He is also working freelance, writing short travel stories for travel magazines. On a different sector, Thomas is developing real estate projects, including the preparation and infrastructure of land plots to accommodate residential villas. He is currently operating in Bali and Thailand. Thomas is also a freelance Sales Manager, specializing in marketing quality heavy-clay second Hand Italian machineries in the Chinese and Asian markets. Thomas is pro-active, ambitious and hard-working, yet calm-mannered and a good planner.

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