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Thanee Group Thailand is a forward-looking law and real estate firm dedicated to the management of stylish yet affordable accommodations in Thailand. Our mission is to offer high quality housing to the rising local middle class and to long term residents, as well as provide local and foreign real estate investors with attractive and transparent opportunities. 

We own the value chain and we fully control costs, quality and execution (design, construction & management).
Thanee Group Thailand counts on a strong team with experience in sales and management of residential and commercial properties Thailand with solid track record. Our Thai staff has deep legal understanding of local rules and legislation. We leverage on personal relationships with local developers to source off-market opportunities. 


Solid growth of the labour market and urbanization trends 

The Thai government is investing heavily in infrastructure to support the growth of tourism and healthcare sectors. The attractive job market has triggered urbanization trends, and the number of residents is growing all over Thailand. 


The rise of the middle class 

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Wages in Thailand have risen sharply in the past two decades and are expected to grow at 5-6% for the next few years. With inflation below 1%, the purchasing power of the Thai keeps increasing. 

Professionals with 4-5 years of experience now earn high average base salary and look for better housing with easy access to services and lifestyle offerings. The Government is incentivizing the purchase of new properties through tax rebates, and banks are offering high loan-to-value mortgages to first home Thai buyers. 

A growing part of Thailand tourist sector is medical, a sector in which Thailand is world’s leader together with Singapore and India. Job opportunities, top tier airports, modern and advanced hospitals, international schools and prime lifestyle services are attracting more and more residents, Thai and foreign, contributing to a steady increase of the local population. 


A resilient giant 


Thailand is at the development stage of Upper Middle Income under the World Bank scale, same as Malaysia and ahead of every other country in South-east Asia, except Singapore. 

The domestic disposable income grew at an average annual rate of 7.1% between 1990 and 2014, and the strong demographics is likely to foster urbanization dynamics and wage increases.
Home prices are very attractive for the rising local middle class and the possibility for foreigners to own apartments freehold strengthens the demand for executive condominiums. 

The country is running the highest current account surplus among all emerging markets (10% of GDP) and this provides a strong support to the THB.

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Thomas has a university background in the UK and in Latin America, with studies in Languages and Humanities, Culture, Literature and Economy. He started his Asian experience as a publisher in Krabi in 2005. Thomas has been editing local newspapers and magazines in England, Spain and Thailand for more then ten years. He is currently working on several media projects in Thailand and abroad. He is also a property developer with active projects in Thailand and Bali, Indonesia. Apart from Thailand, Thomas has lived in Italy, England, Venezuela, Cuba, Spain, Bali. During the years Thomas has developed a great understanding of the cultures and the people in the country. He is also working freelance, writing short travel stories for travel magazines. On a different sector, Thomas is developing real estate projects, including the preparation and infrastructure of land plots to accommodate residential villas. He is currently operating in Bali and Thailand. Thomas is also a freelance Sales Manager, specializing in marketing quality heavy-clay second Hand Italian machineries in the Chinese and Asian markets. Thomas is pro-active, ambitious and hard-working, yet calm-mannered and a good planner.

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