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top 10 country enquiries by Chinese buyers

Looking back at the year 2012, few would have known that a little known outside of China Chinese comedy film called “Lost in Thailand”, in which the ever popular Chinese actress Fan Bingbing acted, could really trigger a wave of Chinese travelers to Thailand, with numbers that have surged over 70% until now. 

Chinese visitors to Thailand

What we could not know is that, apart from putting Thailand on the map for Chinese travelers, Fan Bingbing also ignited a real estate investment boom. The first wave comprehended mainly Chinese businessmen with a commercial interest in creating the infrastructure for future Chinese tour groups in Thailand, hence investing in hotels, buses companies and hospitality across Thailand. This created a good environment for future Chinese visitors.

The following wave was naturally the Chinese tourists who, in love with Thailand after their first idyllic holiday, took advantage of incredibly cheap residential home prices, compared to China at least, and were the first buyers of local residential real estate. This group is quite extended as it includes wealthy Chinese travelers, upper middle class Chinese tour groups and bargain basement mass Chinese tourism, and it contributes to make China the largest foreign investor in Thailand today. In fact, statistics confirm that 86% of Chinese property buyers started as tourists in the locations they settle down in, and that Thailand has advanced from the 10th most popular country with Chinese buyers to the 9th.

Thai real estate exhibition targeted at Chinese investors

Chinese are definitely leading the charge in the global property market, and the Chinese Purchasing Intent Index for Thailand clearly show us that the desire by Chinese to buy property in Thailand has outperformed that of larger countries, soaring a stunning 180 percent over the past year. 

Chinese Thailand buying chart

Buyers of vacation homes and investment properties in Thailand also have the advantage of a proximity to Thailand and of their strong currency, the Renminbi, which over the past five years has gained 19% on the Thai Baht. Add this to the fact that the Chinese government has recently issued rules limiting real estate purchases as the central government struggles to avoid a housing bubble in the country, and you will get the picture. 

The first choice for these investors where seaside destinations like Pattaya, Koh Samui, Phuket, and of course the capital Bangkok. Slowly but steadily the country has seen an increase of developments aimed at these groups of purchasers and investors. 

Thailand can easily and greatly profit from the projected massive increase of Chinese international property investment in the coming decade. If you are Chinese and you are reading this, don’t wait any further: purchase a slice of Thailand today in Thailand, as at the moment it costs less than a property back home. And if you are not Chinese, well, this advise is for you too!

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Thomas has a university background in the UK and in Latin America, with studies in Languages and Humanities, Culture, Literature and Economy. He started his Asian experience as a publisher in Krabi in 2005. Thomas has been editing local newspapers and magazines in England, Spain and Thailand for more then ten years. He is currently working on several media projects in Thailand and abroad. He is also a property developer with active projects in Thailand and Bali, Indonesia. Apart from Thailand, Thomas has lived in Italy, England, Venezuela, Cuba, Spain, Bali. During the years Thomas has developed a great understanding of the cultures and the people in the country. He is also working freelance, writing short travel stories for travel magazines. On a different sector, Thomas is developing real estate projects, including the preparation and infrastructure of land plots to accommodate residential villas. He is currently operating in Bali and Thailand. Thomas is also a freelance Sales Manager, specializing in marketing quality heavy-clay second Hand Italian machineries in the Chinese and Asian markets. Thomas is pro-active, ambitious and hard-working, yet calm-mannered and a good planner.

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